Sunday, October 17, 2010

Small Changes = Big Results......The Mini Series

Don't you just love a good mini series? Well, I'm starting one minus Jane Seymour. By the way, the first mini series I ever saw was East of Eden and she was absolutely EVIL in that! I digress....I'm of the firm belief that small changes yield big results. Rather, small CONSISTENT changes yield big results. I think people fail with their exercise routine and fitness because they try to make humungous changes only to find that they just can't seem to stick to them. So they feel they have failed and failure just leads to a mentality of more failure. That's why we need to set ourselves up to succeed, even if it's just in small changes. The great pyramids weren't built with 5 large stones, but rather hundreds of smaller stones joined together. Our fit lives can be constructed the same way!

Each week, I'm going to focus on one small change. These often will be what I need to work on and I'll post updates throughout the week as to how well I'm doing that. Then, week by week, we'll continue adding on to our fit foundation! Sounds like it's fun and doable, eh? Now let's unveil this week's small change that will yield big results.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE!


Now for the sake of keeping it real, are you really drinking 8 glasses of water a day? REALLY????? I didn't think so, but I'm not judging because I'm not getting my water in either. Here's why water is sooooo important to health and a healthy weight. Among other things, water flushes toxins from your system, helps in digestion, keeps you hydrated to fuel muscles and improve skin, and is essential in weight management.'s the day. THIS I VOW....head will not hit pillow until I have drank at least 8 glasses of water every day this week. Notice how I'm starting small? Who's with me?

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