Friday, October 15, 2010

Ignorance is not bliss...

They say, "Ignorance is bliss"; but THEY are misinformed. And by the way, whenever I meet "They", I've got some words for "Them". THEY say alot of things and do alot of things and THEY seem to cover their tracks really well because we never know exactly who THEY are! Now let me just say again, ignorance is NOT bliss. In fact, ignorance may actually be dangerous.

We put food in our mouths everyday that we have no idea where it comes from. We have no idea how it's going to fuel or affect our bodies. We're under the impression that if you say grace over a bowl of chemicals, it will transubstantiate into carrots, spinach or possibly even acai berries.

There are just some things that my conscience won't allow me to eat. I mean, I tried to avoid finding out what was in some scrumptious foods, but the info slipped up on me before I could avert my eyes or cover my ears. Who knew that there are 813 calories in one Cinnabon cinnamon roll?!?! Or how about this? 48 grams of fat in a McDonald's Big Breakfast? And did you think, when you choose a taco saladfrom Taco Bell, that you were eating 790 calories and 1670 mg of sodium? It's a SALAD for goodness sake!! Just the name reaks of health and vitality>

Now I'm not just talking about calories and fat. What about chemicals? Our bodies are real, shouldn't our food be? Have you ever read the ingredient list on some of our foods? After the first couple of items, the rest aren't even pronounceable. I thought that when I ordered chicken nuggets at McDonalds that I'm basically getting chicken and a flour coating that is deep fried. Not great, but hey! I'm from the south, I can live with that. But what I can't live with is this. A chicken mcnugget has 38 ingredients and chicken is one of the least of them! Mcnuggets are about 56% corn or corn products. Look, as one voracious eater to another, I get it. I love food and sometimes, I can overlook something and munch away. But based on what I now know about these foods, I just can't in good conscience eat them. I know what you're thinking. "But Serene, Oh my gosh! I love me some Taco Salad!" My answer to you would be this: If smacking the elderly on the head was fun, my conscience STILL wouldn't allow me to do it! Now you know.......

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