Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Small Changes = Big Results......Update #1

So, I'm on Day #3 of my Small Change Big Results mini series. On Sunday, my first day, I only got in about 44 ounces. I was literally, sitting on my couch at 8 pm watching a House marathon rapidly sucking down water from a VAT! Needless to say, topping off your bladder right before bedtime, is not necessarily a contestant in the "Best Idea" category!

Monday, now that was a different story! I drank a little over my 64 ounces and actually had no diet soda at all. My plan is that I'll not disallow diet pepsi, but I have to drink all my water first. As it turned out yesterday, I ran out of time to drink anything other than water. The bladder is coming under control and I had surprisingly more energy even by bedtime last night. I'll keep you posted. Drinking this much water is a habit that should last a lifetime, so I'm on my way!

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