Friday, September 3, 2010

Walk this way!

When I was in the Army, running was a requirement. Three days a week found us running at about 6:30 am, and we ran EVERYWHERE. In formation. Calling cadence. Not necessarily fun. To my great surprise, I actually got good at running. I ended up running with the fast group, there was only one other female in our company who could boast that. I got to be a running FOOL! After about 3 years, I even experienced the allusive runner's high. Yes it really does exist and MAN! I was FEELING it!

Fast forward 25 years, and 4 kids later. I swear my hips have widened by inches! Running just doesn't feel good to me like it used to. Admittedly, I also miss the camraderie among runners. They stick together, cheer each other on and good naturedly compete with fellow runners. I still want that! But now, it has to be through walking.

I'm not talking about strolling along and chit chatting. I'm talking about pounding the pavement, arms pumping, deep breath walking. I'm enjoying walking like I used to enjoy running. Headphones in, head downtown or to the park, or actually......anywhere! I've gotten amazing workouts from walking! But here's how I do it:


View from the hill in the cemetery...had the theme from Rocky playing on my ipod!

I MOVE! I'm sure that walkers can move as fast as some joggers, so I really get moving. Then I take on hills. Now, sometimes, I WILL run up hills...but I save that to the end. More on that later. The picture above is from the cemetery off of Main Street in Rutherfordton. It has an awesome hill off to the left and it never EVER gets easy!


Another view from the top of that hill! Cemeteries should be USED (but NOT abused!)

I absolutely make myself commit to at least an hour and then time after time I try to cover more ground in that same hour. At this point, I have to tell you, "Music is key!" The only way that I can get a good pace going is to have a great playlist on my ipod.


I think that this is what they call Central High Hill (or Central Aye Ill if you can get the accent!) Okay...imagine listening to Boogie Oogie Oogie by A Taste of Honey as you begin the vertical trudge. Cuz that's what was happening in my ears.


This is a slow, but loooonnnnggg uphill climb.

Now, I'm at the end of my walk, I'm tired and to be completely honest, I'm starting to smell myself. NOT pretty, but then exercise ISN'T necessarily pretty. I feel like I really need to finish strong. I mean leave my mark and let the walk leave it's mark on me. SO! I picked a short but completely vertical hill and ran up it and jogged down it five times without stopping. A word of warning. This absolutely cannot be done without amazing high energy music. Flirtin' with Disaster by Molly Hatchet might do the trick but I chose to go current, a little VH1 action. Intro Kesha and Tik Tok!!


That's five times.....sprinting up and jogging down. With Kesha screaming in my ear! LOVE IT!


Rutherfordton has been vedi vedi goot to meee!

And THAT'S one of my walking routes. Sooooo, while you may not see me running hither and yon, you will see me walking and if you listen closely, you'll hear me singing too! TOP OF MY LUNGS!

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