Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some Ideas for Hills

Hills are our friends! I think that there is nothing that really cranks up your workout outside, whether it's running or walking, than hills. We all want to avoid them like the plague, but honestly, they work! When I am huffing and puffing up and down a hill, I can just picture the muscles in my legs tightening and shaping. I always think, "There is no way that this is NOT having an effect on me!"

No longer do I need to do these hills alone however. I now have my own personal trainer who is such a CUTIE PIE! How fun that my husband is kind of like my trainer. He had us backing down this ridiculous hill and then walking backwards UP the hill. We did if 5 times and then sprinted up the hill on the sixth time. My quads have filed a complaint with the labor board for mistreatment. I mean, my legs were SCREAMING!


Where's my six pack?! Oh! Bennie's got it!

We've gotten two of my kids into these walks now and I'll be talking more about that later. The gist of today is TAKE ON THE HILLS!

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