Friday, August 20, 2010


After taking a week off last week because I felt like poo, I came back stronger than ever this week!  I started out on Monday working out with a couple of friends and we did upper body for about 45 minutes.  WOW!  I don't have the greatest strength in my legs....they were born big and strong; my arms on the other hand.....yeaaaaahhhhhh, not so much.  Push ups absolutely KILL me!  But I gave it my best shot.

My hero!

Then on to Yoga mid morning.  That hour FLEW by!  I have felt lately like I need to stretch out all these muscles I'm building and could certainly use some time to de-stress.  Hence, I'm now taking Yoga on Monday mornings.  It felt WONDERFUL!  Relaxing, strengthening and lengthening all at once.  I can see what Madonna is all excited about.  So.  Not so much challenging as much as relaxing.  I was feeling so good, I decided to do an hour of power walking after work!

This "could" be me!

The great thing about walking is that I get to listen to my music.  I was going UP the hills and DOWN the hills.  It's been a while since I've been walking because it's been so stinking hot outside.  But Monday it just felt great and so did I!  By the end of the hour, I was drenched and stinky!  I really felt like I was starting my week off strong.

Whew!  All that and I'm just now getting to Tuesday!  Tuesday morning I did a circuit training class with an instructor at the gym.  She is 8 months pregnant and is a MACHINE!  This is her seventh child and she's about 41 years old.  Amazing!  I was joking with her before class, that if she and I lived during mideval times; we'd be the peasant breeder stock.  Tilling fields, dropping babies and carrying buckets of water on our heads! 

Me and Stacey?

Wednesdays are always a little frightening.  We do Robo Trainer Mandy's class.  Basically, she walks in little, tight and smiling with her curly hair bouncing and you can just feel the love.  15 minutes later, I'm looking at the clock wondering how I can possibly make it another 45!  We did kick boxing!  I'm not talking about a few kicks on each side.  I'm talking a kazillion kicks on each leg!  By the end of the class, I could barely pick up my feet off the floor.  Here's the thing about Mandy's classes.  You know how the Bible says that God's word does not return always produces and works good.  Well, Mandy's workouts do not return void.  I never doubt that when I do her class, I walking out of there with new muscle tone.  OH!  And the BEST thing happened in that class.  I was working out and the entire front wall is mirror, so you can see what you're doing.  As I'm doing my kicks and jacks, I notice my entire quadricep....OUTLINED!  My quads are shy.  They don't like to call attention to themselves.  But lo and behold Wednesday, they were coming out of their shells!

Mandy = Robo Trainer!

Now, onto Thursday.  TRX day!  Forty minutes of TRX and kettlebells.  Some of the simplest moves really get right into those muscles.  Mandy had us use a 35 pound kettlebell and hold it down in front of our bodies.  Then, we were to squat (with backside sticking out) straight down and put the bell down on the floor.  Stand back up and then squat down again and pick up the bell.  Stand up and then squat back down putting it on the floor again.  Seems simple enough right?  Well!  That was really tough.  I don't even know how to describe the TRX exercises.  There were times when I felt like a Cirque de Soleil reject!

This was NOT me!

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I said to my husband was, "Oh my Gosh, there's not a muscle on my body that isn't SCREAMING!"  Being the encourager, he said, "You know what helps soreness, don't you?"
"A good workout!"
So, off to the gym to do the most challenging class of the week - total weight lifting!  With every step, PAIN!  I'm walking like a 106 year drunk woman and there I go, setting up my weights.  The experience was almost weep worthy.  We squatted till we could squat no more!  We pushed, we lunged.  We hinged, we popped.  The end of the class, we're all looking at each other, shell shocked; but pride welling up inside that we could even complete the hour.  As I sit here, the tips of my fingers the only part of me that isn't stiff, sore or painful; I'm not complaining.  I pushed myself and if it doesn't feel the best in my body right now, my soul is soaring!

I'm an all star!!!!!

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