Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I take a certain amount of pride in my ability to laugh at myself. There is a bit of ridiculousness interned in my DNA. Having said that, even I cringed when I saw these goober pictures of myself before my first bike ride a few weeks ago. I was giddy with anticipation of being a part of this avid group of peddlers (as seen in picture below).
How could I not be a great biker (or is it cyclist? - yes! Cyclist....biker would require a motor and lots of leather with a bit of fringe)? I mean, look at it. Don't I have a cyclist's thin sinewy legs?

Uh, no....that's not me on the left with the sunglasses. I'm the one on the right. Oh well, there goes that theory. But hey, I'm game any way. I have no problem flinging myself out of my comfort zone straight into the ridiculous. We biked 18 miles through the hills of Rutherford County. The first hill was downhill and it was TERRIFYING! Who knew wheels rotated rapidly downhill? Talk about white knuckling it! I did however have my crash plan figured out. I promised my bare legs that should a crash seem imminent I would quickly head for the grass on the side of the road.
Now let's talk about going uphill. Hmmmmm...my words fail me. There's pain. There's certainly discomfort in the ......ahem....sitting area. But most of all there is that nagging logical notion that it just makes more sense to get off the bike and PUSH it up the hill! Allow me to take a moment and pat myself on the back (why else should one take yoga, but to develop the flexibility to pat oneself on the back?). I stayed on that bike for the entire ride. I fought like Rambo on crack the urge to get off of the bike!

My dear friends stayed with me the entire time...taking turns going back to get me or encourage me. I love their soldier mentality...."No man left behind!". What an amazing adventure to be a part of this group of cycling cyborgs if only for one day. Yes, fitness can look and feel ridiculous. But that just means you're doing it right!

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