Friday, February 19, 2010


I can't get too bogged down in "dieting". It just gets me to a bad place in my head, filled with exagerated self criticism. But......I do try to pay attention to things that just make sense. My dad recently sent me an email that talked about drinking warm water after meals. Listen to this, according to this email, when we eat and then drink a cold or icy drink with our meals, then all the oils in our food solidify in our stomach. Think dropping melted butter into a glass of ice water. Then we have that sludgy gunk in our stomach that takes longer to digest and has a tendancy to "stick" to our intestines! EWWWWWWW!!! The last thing anyone needs is more junk in their pipes...ya know what I mean?

I started thinking about it and honestly, I get it! In Japan and China, most people don't drink cold drinks with their meals, but rather drink alot of hot tea. My mom used to say that in Europe, people don't use alot of ice and most drinks (even beer in Germany) are sipped at room temperature.

So, this is one of those small things that just seem like a good idea. I've already put it into practice. I bought a box of green tea for $2 and have had that a couple of times with my meals. I have noticed a difference in my appetite....the ice cold diet sodas seem to make me want to eat more; but a hot drink, for me anyway, tends to make me feel sated. Another bonus: green tea is said to have so many health benefits and 2 cups a day should do the trick.

A small change with potential big results.

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Sonidee said...

I love this! Hot drinks are like an addiction around my house! I drink three to four cups of hot tea a day - especially in the summer! Yes, coffee too! I'd like to turn that love into a business one day. Want to join me? ;-) So, if you're the "Fit Bohemian" I have to be the "Trying to be fit Lebanese Lady!" (That use to be my CB handle! lol! Those were the days!) LY!