Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A couple of posts ago, I quieried, "Why are we fat?". Honestly, the US takes a beating when anyone talks about countries and weight issues. To be seemingly the most weight obsessed country and have all the tools and resources that we could possibly need to be fit, why do we always lose in the "Thin and Fit Olympics"?

I don't think that it is necessarily our diet...I mean, c'mon...look at some of the other quisine of the world! French quisine is certainly not health food. Italian? Nah.... I just don't get the sense that all these other countries are eating organic all the time while we pig out over here. Fast food aside, I don't think our diet is that main problem that we have when it comes to weight.

Plain and simple, we just don't MOVE! Our country is completely an automobile society. We drive everywhere, no walking; always driving. And THEN, as we drive everywhere, when we get to our destination, we will drive laps around the parking lot to get the absolute closest parking space that we can; lest we have to actually get some leg movement into our day. I was shocked when I noticed this about myself; and let me tell ya, I have since made some changes. I am completely convinced, that eating decently and significantly increasing our activity will give most everyone the results that we want. Then we won't fall prey to every emotion based advertising promising us wonderfully vibrant and fun lives if we just had thin thighs. It's about moving when you have the option to be sedentary instead. Taking that walk after dinner, before you sit down to watch your favorite TV show. ADDING activity rather than taking away something that you now enjoy. How about parking at the end of the lot and walking to the store? Taking the stairs instead of the elevator? Requiring matching time for activity as we have for something we do that is sedentary? I'd love to hear some other suggestions on how to make movement part of our lifestyle, not just getting our workout in.

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