Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So much talk and pressure to be physically fit.....I get that. We only have one body and we should take care of it, what we put in it and how we keep it healthy. But mental fitness - that's the kicker right there. Exercising the snakes out of our heads! You know, they have those shows on TV, CLEAN HOUSE and CLEAN SWEEP, where a crew goes into people's homes, completely clears everything out....keeps only the best things and then trashes or sells the rest of the "stuff" and then redoes the offensive house or rooms.

How great would it be if we could do that with our brains?! Go in, do a clean sweep, set aside only the very best thoughts, memories, information, opinions, etc... and then just trash the rest. NOT store it for use later, but completely trash it, never to see it again. Then reset up our brains with the good stuff and have this beautiful mental makeover! My brain often gets so bogged down and cluttered with all the crap that I tell myself or that I believe others think of me. My positive thoughts trip over the clutter of negativity and bad information that I have allowed to take residence in my brain. Just like a neglected home, my brain can become overwhelmed with just "stuff" that is not adding (in fact, detracting) from the beauty of my good thoughts and feelings.

I can just picture the big reveal at the end of my mental makeover, my brain's "clean sweep".

"Alright, we're right outside of Serene's brain and were ready for our big reveal! We've cleaned, we've tossed, we've sold and we've scrubbed.....and let me tell you! It was a MESS in there! We thought we would NEVER get her brain presentable and looking good! But honey, we did it and now let's go in and take a look at Serene's newly cleaned brain..."

" you remember how your brain looked before?"

"Oh man, Neicy, it was horrible! So many negative thoughts, bad memories, useless fears...most of the time it was hard to find my positive attitudes and good thoughts."

We enter my brain through my ear......

"Well, Serene, take a look at your brain now!!!!"

The blindfold comes off and ............

"Oh. My. Gosh. (tears flow) Neicy it's beautiful! Wow, you found a place for that great memory of me and my mom! Look at all those positive thoughts over looks wonderful!"

"And Serene, look over there...since you allowed us to get rid of all of those fears and other people's opinions you were holding onto, you now have plenty of room to display all your confidence and compliments that you've gotten over the years! They're gorgeous, they just couldn't be seen because of all that OTHER MESS"

There I stand, wide eyed, bawling like a happy with my newly cleaned brain..

"Now Serene, we got rid of all that junk, but what I need from you girl, is a committment that you are not going to allow your beautiful brain to get cluttered again. That you aren't going to hold on to stinking thinkin' and trash thoughts, but are going to keep your brain good and clean"

"Oh Niecy, absolutely....I'll never let it get that bad again...thank you, thank you!"

"Well, Serene, you know what happens now don't you? We leave you to enjoy your new brain, your new positive thoughts, you that FABULOUS imagination of yours"

Niecy and crew exit and Niecy looks into the camera, "I know what you're thinking....Ooo Ooo Miz Niecy, can you come clean out my brain?! My brain needs a good cleaning! HEY, one cleaning at a time, girl, one cleaning at a time!"

Hey, check on me a year from now. If I can get this brain clean swept, I'll never let it get cluttered with crap again!!

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