Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I just read an article in which Kirstie Alley confesses that she has gained 80 pounds. A former Jenny Craig spokesperson and success story, Kirstie has since shot up from 145 pounds to 228 pounds. According to Kirstie, "It said 228 lbs., which is my highest weight ever. I was so much more disgusting than I thought!" It's this statement that I take issue with. Kirstie Alley has never been disgusting. She is a beautiful woman at 145 and also at 228. To hear a woman call herself disgusting really rubs me the wrong way. I believe that is really her problem - the hideous way she feels about herself.

It's not the weight. Like Carrie tells Samantha in Sex and the City (the movie), "It's not about the weight, you'd look gorgeous at any weight. But are you happy?" Kirstie could take this to heart.

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