Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I DID IT!!!!

Me...before the Iron Man Challenge...All cocky and trash talking. Looks like I had also just eaten a blueberry Tootsie Pop!

Me, after the Iron Man Challenge. Humbled and exhausted!

Well ALRIGHT!!!! The Iron Man Challenge is officially over! What a challenge it about taking it down to the wire, I finished up the morning of the last day. But hey, I did it and I feel great about it! I actually won First Place in my category (Female 40-44 years old). Of course the rest of the story is.............I was the only competitor in my age category! That does not take away any of the thrill though. Once I started it, it quickly set in how difficult it was going to be. In four weeks, I walked/ran 26 miles, biked 112 miles on a stationary bike (non stop pedaling!) and rowed 15,000 meters on the rowing machine. It's the stationary bike that I thought would be the death of me! I put myself over the biggest hump on the last Saturday, biking 15 miles in 1 hour! So next time out, I'll work on my time. This time just so very glad to finish. I'm feeling alot like Wonder Woman!!

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