Monday, April 26, 2010


Just musing this morning......real fitness goes beyond the physical spectrum. It is mental, emotional, social. My ongoing mission is to continue to stretch myself and improve my fitness in all areas.

I have had my workouts run by fear. Fear of getting off a particular machine because that machine brought me results. I would STAY on the eliptical, never deviating, because I was convinced that if I got off that and lifted weights or did a class instead, I would not be getting results. I reasoned that I was there at the gym to get results and to work myself out and I just KNEW that if I did any other exercise, my results would suffer. What an extremely unbalanced and unhealthy approach! Fear based workouts! Yeah, Serene, you got a winner there!

Now, I'm trying to take a much more balanced approach and incorporate all different types or exercises, not specifically limiting to cardio. I'm using our classes, yoga, kettlebells, and still walking long walks about once a week. And to be honest, it's like my brain can just relax. I'm getting better results, AND I'm not afraid of my workouts, or switching them up. It keeps me out of my comfort zone. I've said it before and from the core of my being I believe it, "We die in our comfort zones!"

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